Our Process

Real Estate projects are often complex, time consuming, and may at times seem utterly unmanageable. ROOTS’ extensive experience allows it to render the entire process uncomplicated — we take initiative through every step of the way, guaranteeing the adequate procurement of all parties involved. Our purpose is to provide you with peace of mind and ensure the smooth development of your project.


The Opportunity

1.1 Prospecting

ROOT’s successful track record, our key positioning in the Real Estate market, and the joint efforts with HABITA (our group’s Real Estate Agent) and other partners enables us to capture good opportunities. Our experienced prospecting team selects projects capable of guaranteeing your success.

1.2 Conception and Feasibility

Conception is a main driver of market suitability, hence its fundamental role in every project. Feasibility studies address four main areas: market, finance, urban planning and legal. Our team is well-informed, creative and highly competent. Our goal is to ensure your success and minimise risk exposure through accuracy and transparency.

1.3 Funding and Acquisition

ROOTS has established partnerships with major banking institutions and private investors, providing assistance throughout the funding phase and in the drafting of all relevant contracts prior to the acquisition of property. We look forward to taking on your project.


The Project

2.1 Procurement

O processo de procurement é transversal a todas fases do projecto e corresponde a uma postura de busca contínua pelas melhores soluções construtivas, pelas condições mais favoráveis na negociação de contratos, e pela maior transparência possível. Falamos do imóvel em si, da escolha dos projectistas, da selecção dos empreiteiros e fiscais, até à escolha das agências de comunicação e imobiliárias mais indicadas para o seu projecto.

2.2 Preliminary Study

Building up on the early conception phase, an architectural design is proposed, already with all specialty projects included as means of ensuring a good project overview and full suitability to its specific context — such is our philosophy. In addition to our own architecture team, which supports all our projects — including the evaluation of third-party proposals — we nurture close relationships with different architects. We are well-acquainted with their distinctive traits and aim to trust your project to the architect best suited to optimise its potential.

2.3 Licensing

At this stage, all projects are submitted to the evaluation of the municipality and other relevant authorities. All required technical information and drawings are delivered at this phase of the project.

2.4 Implementation

The implementation plan includes all information necessary to guaranty the success of the setup, procurement and development stages. This plan features all designed documents (architecture and specialties), contract documents and bills of quantities.



3.1 Construction and Supervision

The most visible part of all — the construction phase is where all spatial transformation happens, from the foundations to finishings. Supervision activities aim at ensuring the success of the project, within the stipulated budget and deadlines.

3.2 Permits and Warranties

Upon construction completion, all relevant permits are requested to the concerned entities and documentation needed for commercialisation gathered. At this stage, fulfillment of construction warranties is also ensured.



4.1 Marketing

Due to its defining character and added value, Marketing is present throughout all phases. With construction providing the key moment for a market launch, it is fundamental to prepare all marketing materials in due time.

4.2 Commercialization

Depending on your ambitions — selling or renting — we start by selecting the most adequate business partner and by defining all terms and conditions. Marketing materials are then delivered to guarantee a successful market launch. This is the moment when your investment actually becomes an asset and where the success of your project is measured. As such, the experience of the sales team and its ability to define a solid sales strategy is paramount.


After Sales

5.1 Collateral Management

After the end of the works and provisional acceptance notice, the warranty period begins, during which the contractor is obliged to correct all defects in the work
The warranty period is 10 years, in the case of defects related to structural construction elements, 5 years, in the case of defects related to non-structural construction elements, and 2 years, in the case of defects related to equipments. At the end of the warranty period, a new survey is carried out for all or parts of the work for the purpose of definitive receipt of the contract. The management and monitoring of guarantees is a delicate process, but essential for the success of the project.