The Batalha Residence

Praça da Batalha 138/140, Porto

The birth place of the Batalha Residence Project has been known, for almost a century, as the “Café Chave d’Ouro”, a place where several famous artists and writers used to gather, on the Praça da Batalha. Here monuments such as the São João Theatre – the oldest in the city of Porto – and the statue of D. Pedro V stand side by side.

The building consists of 4 apartments and a store, with flats ranging from 1 bedroom to 2 bedrooms, distributed on 7 floors, one of which is below the ground level. The apartments have very comfortable areas and an exceptional view of the Torre dos Clérigos and the city of Porto.

The building’s layout was designed to maintain its historic charisma, elegance and nobility for which the exceptional location is known.

  • Building area: 621 m2

  • Construction year: 2022/2023

  • Architecture: NLM Studio Arquitectura Design

  • Purpose: Housing

  • Typologies: T1, T1 + 1 Triplex and T2

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