The Alto São João Building

Rua David Lopes, Lisboa

The rehabilitation of this four storey building took place within the scope of the RE9 Program of the Lisbon City Council.

Inspections were carried out to assess the state of conservation of the initial building and, subsequently, a final assessment of the performed rehabilitation, which aimed to significantly improve the conditions of the building’s comfort and salubrity.

The building was, before the intervention, in a mediocre state of conservation. It was necessary to undertake a very thorough rehabilitation, with works on the outside, on the infrastructure, on the common areas and throughout the interior of the apartments. The work took about 7 months and, in the end, a very significant improvement was achieved, providing a basically new building for its inhabitants.

Currently the building functions as a Co-living.

  • Building area: --

  • Construction year: 2016

  • Architecture: Paulo Lázaro

  • Purpose: Housing

  • Typologies: Co-living

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