The Queluz Building

Rua Carvalho Araújo 4, Queluz, Sintra

In reinforced concrete, dating back to 1964, the building consists of eleven apartments, distributed on four floors, from the ground level upwards and a semi-buried level, of various types. All have outdoor areas, balconies and terraces.

The rehabilitation of the building’s exterior included the demolition of some constructions clustered on the main façade, in order to recover the exterior areas of the balconies, maintaining the original architectural image. All frames and entrance doors were replaced, repairs to the gable and new building installations were undertaken (water, sewage, electricity and telecommunications). In the interior works undertaken on the various fractions, the original typologies were maintained, creating better conditions to satisfy contemporary requirements, through the complete remodelling of the sanitary facilities, kitchens and the replacement of all coverings and equipment.

  • Building area: 654 m2

  • Construction year: 1964/2018

  • Architecture: Paulo Lázaro

  • Purpose: Housing for Leasing

  • Typologies: T0 to T2

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